Bootstrap Brewing Company – 12/27/14 – Show Recap

Full House at the Strap!

Full House at the Strap!

What up Rogues?!?

It’s a good thing the Fire Marshal didn’t show up, I’m quite certain that some fire code rules were violated at the Strap last night! As per usual, Steve and Leslie are fantastic owners and hosts, we love that place and always have a blast!

It was no nice to get back on the horse after a holiday hiatus! We pulled out some R2 standards that are always fun!

  • All My Life – Foo Fighters is always a jam.
  • It was a Seattle grunge fest with:
  • Johnny Cash’s “I Walk The Line“, blending right into Roger Miller’s “King Of The Road” is not something that you hear every day…we have fun with that one!
  • Oh, and you know you’ve won the crowd over when a bunch of bearded dudes get up to dance and sing to a mandofied version of Def Leppard’sPour Some Sugar On Me“! Step inside, walk this way, you and me babe….HEY HEY!

Last night was also “new instrument Saturday”. If you know us, you know that we keep a menagerie of instruments on stage. It’s a veritable pawn shop up there! You’ll likely find four guitars, two mandolins, a uke, a hollow body, a dobro, a tenor banjo, a 5 string banjo, a bass guitar, a cajon, a djembe, kick drum, all manner of shaky things, and last night we added a harmonica to the mix. In doing so, we added another Ryan Adams song to the catalog, Come Pick Me Up.

We’re toying with a few ideas and would love your feedback. How would you feel about:

  • Rogue 2 T-shirts – Any interest in having Craig on your back? =)
  • Rogue 2 Originals – We’ve got a few cooking. We have some old tunes to unleash. Wanna hear ’em?
  • Rogue Foo – We’ve talked about doing an all Foo Fighters set. Just one set from a given night. Cool? Not cool?

Let us know what you think by either responding on our Facebook page, Tweeting us up, or just email us directly.

We’ve got a couple weeks off before starting a show-a-week run for about 5 weeks. We’re back in the saddle at Odd 13 Brewing on Jan 17th, we’d love to see you there!

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