Liquid Mechanics Brewing Company – 12/04/14 – Show Recap

What’s up Rogues?!?


KILLER show last night at Liquid Mechanics Brewing Company in Lafayette, CO! This is our second time in this room and we LOVE it! We have secured dates here through September 2015! Eric and Davin are fantastic owners and have welcomed us into the LMx family with open arms.

We mixed it up last night, eschewing some of our “standby” tunes for some songs we haven’t revisited in a while. We pulled out songs like:

…and because Eric used to live in Arizona (and Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers played in Denver last night and we couldn’t go), we hit Bury My Heart At The Trailer Park.

There was all manner of banjofied tunes:

  • Wheel In The Sky – Journey
  • Run Runaway/Cotton Eyed Joe – Slade/Rednex
  • Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

We had a boatload of requests and as things got more and more beer-soaked, we played a couple Bon Jovi tunes. We ripped through Add It Up by the Violent Femmes, surprised ourselves with Metallica‘s Enter Sandman (and about 32 bars of Queen’s We Will Rock You.) And we did our best to melt faces with our effect-laden rendition of NiN’s Head Like a Hole!

We’re already planning some surprises for our return to Bootstrap Brewing!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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