What? January’s over? How did that happen?


I swear, sometimes time passes faster than I care to admit. It’s already Feb 8th and I am *still* writing the Best of 2014 Albums list (and already starting the 2015 list). Things have been crazybusy over here in Camp R2. 2015 is off to a roaring start, we’ve already played five shows since the last gig recap! We’ve hit some of our favorite places, and broached some new territory.

  • We kicked off the year Jan 17 at Odd 13 Brewing in Lafayette, CO. Lance and the bunch over there always take care of us! It was a lights-down, move-the-tables boogiefest!
  • The next week, on Jan 23, we slid just down the street to hang with Eric and Davin from Liquid Mechanics. If you haven’t yet been to LMBC, do yourself a favor and get on that, it rules!
  • We rounded out the month with a NEW VENUE at Miner’s Tavern in Erie. New venues are always tricky, you never know how it’s going to go. Suffice it to say that this went ok. I haven’t seen a dance floor so heavily used since we played a very drunken wedding reception last summer. =) We look forward to getting back there!
  • February began as if January never ended! We kicked it at Beer By Design in Northglenn, CO on Feb 6. It was amazing to see some groups of folks out for the second or third time. Infecting new Rogues is something that makes this all worth while!
  • Last night was a special event for us. The Black Rock Elementary Silent Auction holds a special place in our hearts. When we started this little project, it was a side project to a side project. We all had other things going on. In fact, we didn’t have a name…we started life as “The Acoustic Side Project”, which as band names go, is not awesome. We then tried on the slightly edgier “Erieolas” (We had a salute and everything). Given that the first organization to give us a chance to play for them was the BRE PTO, we opted to tone it down a little. =) In November of 2012, those good folks invited us to play their event. Inasmuch as new venues are a little nerve wracking, new bands, new events, new rooms, and new chemistries are terrifying. That said, we are so thankful for that opportunity. It launched what has become the most fun project I have been involved with in many, many years. This was the third spin at the auction for us, and it was fantastic. We got to play an iconic local venue in Nissi’s, and made a bunch of new friends!


It’s moments like this, after a busy run, where I like to take a look back. This little “acoustic side project” has grown in to something meaningful. A heartfelt thank you to all of you folks who come out, week after week, and sing along, dance, request crazy songs, and make this experience genuinely amazing. All musicians say this, because it’s true – without you, we’d be in someone’s basement making music. Still having fun. Still scratching an itch…but Rogue 2 would be something very different.

Ok, that’s enough schmaltzy sap for one blog post! We will see you all this Friday (02/13) back at The Lazy Dog Erie!

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